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Using the Activity Log

The activity log allows you to view all contract-related events in one place.

Enable the Activity Log

To enable activity logging for Oneflow contract events:

  1. Login to HubSpot.
  2. Navigate to a Deal, Contact, or Company in HubSpot.
  3. Click on Settings in the Oneflow pane. 
  4. Click on the Activities tab. 
  5. Enable the toggle to show activities for contract events.
  • Enabling this feature will display all contract-related events in the Activities tab of the HubSpot object (Deal, Contact, or Company).
  • Contract-related events will be logged only after a contract's status is Pending.

Access the Activity Log

  1. Login to HubSpot. 
  2. Navigate to a Deal, Contact, or Company in HubSpot. 
  3. Click on the Activities tab.
  4. From the Filter by dropdown, select the Oneflow checkbox under Integrations.
Repeat these steps to enable activity logging for each HubSpot object i.e. Deal, Company, and Contact.
For instance, if you wish to enable activity logging for a contract created with a Deal object, then you need to enable the Oneflow checkbox for the corresponding deal.


  • An activity log event is displayed when the Oneflow contract was signed by all participants marked as signatories.

Two-way sync events

  • Fetch updates from Oneflow to HubSpot: Indicates which HubSpot properties were updated from their mapped data fields in Oneflow along with their values.
  • For instance, when you fetch updates from Oneflow to HubSpot for a deal, this activity is logged in the Activities tab, indicating the deal properties that were changed.

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