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Create a template with products

Add a product table to a template

To create a Oneflow contract in HubSpot from a deal with line items, the Oneflow contract template must contain a product table. 

To add a product table to the contract template:

  1. In the Oneflow application, open the contract template. 
  2. In the template body, click the + icon > Product table.
  3. The product table should look as follows:

Edit the product table columns

Now that the product table is in your Oneflow contract template, you can edit various parts of the product table. In this article, we will consider the role of the Price 1 and Price 2 columns when creating a contract. Hence, we need to edit the columns to be displayed in the contract.

To edit the product table:

  1. In the Oneflow application, open the contract template.
  2. Hover over the upper-right part of the product table, click the settings icon, and then click Edit columns.
    The Price 1 column is default for holding HubSpot line item prices.
    Note that when a HubSpot line item has a Term other than None (the value is 1 or more), the line item's price will appear in the Price 2 column in the contract (if Price 2 is enabled). 

When you create a contract from a HubSpot deal with the line items, as shown above, they will appear in the contract like this:


If only the Price 1 column is enabled in the Onelfow template, all HubSpot line item prices will be displayed in the contract Price 1 column. If only the Price 2 column is enabled, then only the subscription service price will be displayed in the contract.

Now you can use this template to create contracts with a product table!

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