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Change signing period

The signing period is the time during which a signatory can sign the contract. Changing the contract signing period will give you and your counterparty flexibility to discuss and edit the contract before signing it.


You can change the signing period of the contract marked as Pending and Overdue in the archive view and the contract.

Archive view

To change the signing period in the archive view:

  1.  Find your contract in the contract list and click Signing period in the three dots menu.

Contract view

To change the signing period in the contract view:

  1. Open the contract and click the Settings tab in the top-right corner.
  2. Click the date in the Signing is/was possible until field.
  3. A calendar will appear where you can select and save a new signing period.


    The new date will apply to this contract only.


Changing the signing period will not reset any signatures. The system will notify your counterpart(s) of any date changes via e-mail, and the change will be added to the contract audit trail.

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