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Signing methods

An electronic signature is a time saving, cost-effective and secure way to get electronic documents signed. E-signatures are legally binding in the vast majority of countries around the world and carries the same weight and legal effect as an inked or handwritten signature. Oneflow offers both simple (SES) and advanced electronic signatures (AdES).

Signing methods:

  • Standard e-signature
  • SMS-verification 
  • BankID
  • Handwritten signature
  • Manual signing

Standard e-signature (SES)

Standard e-signature is the default setting for Oneflow verification and signing. This is the most commonly used form of electronic signatures where one signs with a click of a button through a private, encrypted link.

SMS-verification (SES)

(To enable this signing method, administrator permission is required)
The counterpart will receive an SMS with a 6-digit code, and use it to confirm their identity when signing the document.

This signing method requires you to provide the counterpart's phone number and having the SMS extension enabled in your Oneflow account. Please, read more about enabling SMS here.

Electronic Identification (SES) & (AdES)

(To enable this signing method, administrator permission is required)

This method allows you and your counterpart to sign your documents using electronic ID 

How to enable Electronic IDs:

  1. Go to Admin  > Account > Extensions
  2. Scroll to Electronic IDs and make sure it's enabled. Then you can choose which electronic IDs you want to activate.

The Electronic ID signing method is only available for user with Swedish, Norweigan, Danish or Finnish bank accounts.
If you want to activate advanced electronic signature (AdES)for Norwegian electronic ID, you need to contact

Handwritten signature (SES)

(To enable this signing method, administrator permission is required)

Handwritten signature is also known as wet ink signature, and can be convenient when you want your signatory to sign “on the same device”. This method enables you to draw or write your signature, and has the same legal effect as a standard electronic signature (SES).
The signature is made by using the mouse pointer option or by typing the name and then choosing which font the signature should have.

How to enable handwritten signature:

  1. Go to Admin > Account > Extensions.
  2. Browse through the various extensions to Handwritten Signature and toggle to Enable.

When a participant signs with the signing method Handwritten signature, it will be displayed like this:

Manual signing

Oneflow does offer manual signing, and you may still use the benefits of the Oneflow archive and life cycles.

It is important to remember that the system will not generate legally binding electronic signatures for the document.

How to sign your document manually:

  1. Go to your document.
  2. Click the three dots menu in the top-right corner > Mark as signed.

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