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Lock sections in templates

Locking sections will prevent other user groups from editing the section contents. This is useful if you have sections in forms or product tables that you don't want colleagues or recipients to edit.

Only Managers can lock or unlock sections (default settings). If you have a different member role in a Workspace and you want to unlock a section to edit the contents, you'll need to ask a Manager.

Locking sections
To lock a section, click on the Settings-cogwheel and choose “Lock section”.

Your locked sections will then be marked with a closed padlock.
Remember that if you lock a section, the entire section is locked.

Moving a mouse pointer over the section will also display a message that the section is locked for edits.

If you want to unlock a section, press the Settings wheel and choose "Unlock section".


Tips and tricks

  • The only parts that can be locked individually are products rows in product tables. If you want to lock certain parts of a section, we recommend that you split up your locked and unlocked parts into different sections.


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