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Workspace roles

Oneflow's powerful permissions options allow you to manage user access (workspaces) and what users can do within these workspaces(roles).

To manage roles within a workspace, you need to have admin rights. Administrators can also grant group and user access to workspaces

How to view and edit roles

  1. Click on the Admin > Roles.
  2. Select a role and click the actions menu (the dots) to make changes.

  3. Select tab Permissions.

Now you have the opportunity to freely choose which permissions the role should have.

When you make changes to an existing role that may already be used by serval users, the changes you make will affect all users.
  • You can edit all roles except for the Manager & Read Only role.
  • You can create new custom roles.

Please read more about workspace roles in this article.

What permissions are there?


  • Can access own dashboard
  • Can access colleague dashboard


  • Can create blank documents
  • Can create contracts from templates
  • Can move contracts to and from the workspace
  • Can create, delete folders and move a contract into a folder

  • Can access own documents

  • Can delete own documents

  • Can set name on own documents

  • Can set value on own documents

  • Can edit document layout

  • Can edit document locked sections

  • Can access others documents

  • Can delete others documents

  • Can set name on others documents

  • Can set value on others documents

  • Can administrate colleagues in others documents

  • Can export documents

  • Can create and delete document links

  • Can download document as PDF


  • Can administrate message and contract templates


  • Can use tags

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