If you're having any trouble with the Teamtailor integration, here are some things you can try!  

In some cases, it is a recruiter that creates a job (or job is created on behalf of someone else). In this case, that person needs to have the same email address in Oneflow and in Teamtailor, and the person needs to have access to the collections and templates.

If you see the following error message, you need to grant the user access to the collection that you are using in Oneflow:

If you see the following message, it means that the recruiter that is assigned to the job doesn't have a Oneflow account. In this case, a Oneflow account needs to be created for this person and access to collections needs to be given, or you can assign the job to another recruiter that already has a Oneflow account.

If you see the following message, it means that you have not filled in email for the candidate. The candidate needs to be created again in Teamtailor with first name, last name and email.