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Create a contract in Teamtailor

As a Teamtailor and Oneflow user, you can create Oneflow contracts directly from Teamtailor. 

There are two ways of creating a contract in Teamtailor: 

  • Create a contract using a trigger
  • Create a contract on the candidate's profile page.

Both ways require that at least one of the contract signatories has access to the Oneflow Workspace.

To create a contract using either of the methods described in this article, make sure the candidate's First name, Last name, Email, and Phone number are filled in; otherwise, the Teamtailor system will not send the contract to the candidate.

Create a contract using a trigger

Create a new job posting

You can start with creating a new job post or opening an existing one.

To do that:

  1. Go to the Jobs tab, click Create job, or open an existing job posting. If you select an existing job posting, please proceed to the next step. Add a trigger.    
  2. Fill in the job posting details and click Publish.

Add a trigger

Now it's time to add a trigger that automatically creates a contract when the candidate's application status is changed. 

  1. On the Job posting page, click Triggers.
  2. Click the + Add trigger button on the stage where you want to place the trigger (usually when a candidate is offered a job position).
  3. Click on the Create Oneflow Contract in the menu
  4. In the Create contract window, Template field, select a template from which the Oneflow system will create the contract (see Getting started with Teamtailor). 
  5. To automatically move a candidate to the next stage when a contract is signed, check Move candidate when complete and click Add Trigger.
  6. When you're done with creating the trigger, the job posting should look as follows:

Change the candidate's status

Now, when you move the candidate to the stage with the trigger you created earlier (in our example, Offered), the Oneflow system will automatically create a contract for that candidate. 

In our example, we selected the Send contract automatically and Move candidate when complete checkboxes. In this case, Teamtailor will send the contract to the candidate.

When both the candidate and Teamtailor user sign it, the system automatically moves the candidate to Hired.

If you choose not to select the Send contract automatically checkbox, the contract will be created as a draft in Oneflow. You can then review and send it later.

Create a contract on the candidate's profile page

You can also create a contract for a candidate right from the candidate's profile page. 

To do this, 

  1. Open the Candidates page and select a candidate from the list.
  2. On the profile page, open the actions menu ︙and click Add Integrations.
  3. In the Integrations window, click Create contract.
  4. In the Create contract window,choose a template from the Template field. The Oneflow system will use this template to generate the contract (see Getting started with Teamtailor).

The system behavior will be the same as in creating a contract using a trigger. 

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