First you have to enable the Teamtailor integration on the extension page in Oneflow, go to Account -> Extensions -> Enable Teamtailor. 

Now click on "settings" and then select which Workspace/Workspaces you want to be shown in Teamtailor.

When Workspaces are chosen, the provider key will be generated. This key needs to be sent to Teamtailor support, They will update it in their system and activate your integration.

Create templates

Create templates in Oneflow that you would like to use in Temtailor and specify template group as "Teamtailor" and click save.

Once you have your template group set, you can create data fields for the information that should be automatically pushed over from Teamtailor to your Oneflow contract.

Click to edit your form field, click on "data field" and a list of the available fields will show. Choose the appropriate one and Save.

The field connected to a data field will be marked by a symbol

You can of course also add a data field to scrolling text

To do so, simply highlight the text you wish to connect and click on the black data field tag in the editor. The list of available data fields will show, choose the appropriate one. 

Once the integration is activated by Teamtailor, you can start using the integration! 


You need to have an account in Oneflow and an account in Teamtailor with the same email.