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SmartSync - Intelligent Syncing of Candidate Data from Oneflow to Teamtailor

The integration between Teamtailor and Oneflow has been updated to allow for bidirectional data flow.

Previously, only data from Teamtailor to Oneflow was supported, which meant that you had to fill out a contract or contract template with a candidate's default or custom fields.

With the latest update, you can now enter information into a Oneflow contract, and this information will be sent back to Teamtailor. 

This means that the integration is now more seamless, and you can easily manage data in both Teamtailor and Oneflow.

Setting up SmartSync

To enable this feature, follow the steps below.

In Oneflow:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then select Extensions
  2. Click on Webhooks.
  3. Create a new webhook and copy-paste the URL:

In Teamtailor:

  1. Go to Settings and select API-keys under the Integrations section.
  2. Create a new API key with Admin Read/Write permissions.
  3. Navigate to Settings again, then select Marketplace Activations, and select Oneflow.
  4. Choose the new Teamtailor API key from the drop-down menu and add it.

Once the setup is done, there are two methods you can follow to achieve the SmartSync functionality:

Method 1- Syncing custom fields that already contain values

  1. Look for a pre-filled custom field that already contains a mapping data-field in Oneflow.A pre-filled custom field in Teamtailor
  2. Send this custom field to Oneflow.The same filed in a Oneflow contract created through the Teamtailor Integration
  3. If you modify this field in the contract, the corresponding field in Teamtailor will also be updated accordingly.The value of the custom field was updated in the contract

Method 2 - Sync an empty custom field

  1. Add an empty custom field to a Oneflow contract template during the setup process.
  2. Once a participant adds a value to this field, it will be updated in Teamtailor on the candidate card as well.

From now on, any time a participant modifies a contract, the corresponding fields in Teamtailor will be automatically updated.

Once all parties have signed a contract, the contract attachment will appear on the candidate card.

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