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What is a workspace?

What is a workspace?

Workspaces are Oneflow's way of organizing documents and templates into relevant categories. Think of it as having different sub-accounts into which you can put your documents and resources. 

Every workspace has its own templates, document archive, and address book. 

How do I use workspaces?

All Oneflow accounts have workspaces. You can control how many workspaces you wish to have, there is no limit, create as many workspaces as you need.

When you log in to your Oneflow account for the first time, you will by default have one workspace. As your needs and teams expand, you can create new workspaces and manage their permissions.

To create and edit workspaces, you need to be an administrator on the account.

Users and permissions for workspaces

Not everyone should have access to all documents. You can create a workspace and only grant access to the authorized users. You can control what the user should have the permission to do by giving them different roles with different permissions.

This results in you having full control over who can see and do what in each workspace! 

Shared with me

To avoid inviting and giving unnecessary user access to workspaces, (if for example the user should only be able to see documents to which they have been invited) there is an area called shared with me.

All invited users have a workspace called Shared with me. This is an area where all documents created from workspaces the user does NOT have access to will be found.

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