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Getting started with Teamtailor

The Oneflow integration with Teamtailor is configured by an administrator and consists of five main steps outlined in this article.

Note: Before getting started, make sure you are signed in to your Teamtailor and Oneflow accounts with the same email address.

Step 1. Activate the Oneflow integration in Teamtailor

Before proceeding to this step, check if your oneflow integration is activated in Teamtailor Marketplace

If the Oneflow integration has a checkmark in the top-right corner, you can skip steps 1 and 2.

If your Oneflow integration is not yet activated:

  1. In Marketplace, click the Oneflow integration and then click Activate.

  2. Now that the Oneflow integration is active click Go to settings.

Step 2. Generate Teamtailor API key

Now you need to generate a Teamtailor API key.

  1. In the Oneflow Settings window, click  API keys.

  2. In the API keys window, click the New API key button.

  3. In the Name field, type in Oneflow Admin. In the API scope drop-down, select Admin and then select the Read checkbox. Then click Create.

The new Teamtailor API key is generated! You will need it further during the setup.

Step 3. Enable the Teamtailor extension in Oneflow

Now you have to enable the Teamtailor integration in Oneflow.

  1. In the Oneflow application, go to Admin settings > Account > Extensions and enable Teamtailor. 
  2. When the Teamtailor extension is enabled, the Oneflow system will generate an API token. You will use it to connect your Oneflow and Teamtailor accounts. Copy the token and securely save it for future use.

Note: This API token is shown only once. If you lose your token, you will need to disable the extension and enable it again to get a new API Token.

Step 4. Authenticate the Oneflow integration in Teamtailor

The next step is authenticating the Oneflow integration in Teamtailor.

  1. In the Teamtailor application, go to Settings > Oneflow.
  2. In the Oneflow API Token field, enter the Oneflow API token generated in step 3.
  3. Specify the email of the Oneflow administrator account in the corresponding field. 
  4. In the Teamtailor API key, select the Oneflow: Admin - Read API key created in step 2. 
  5. Click the Update button. 

Your Oneflow integration is now authenticated in Teamtailor!

Step 5. Create a Teamtailor template in Oneflow

Now that all the setup is done, you need to create a contract template in Oneflow that you would like to use in Temtailor. 

  1. In the Oneflow application, go to Templates, select your Workspace and click Create a template.  
  2. Specify the template name, add necessary fields to the template body, and in the Template group drop-down menu, select Teamtailor. Then click Save template.
  3. Now you can create data fields for information that should be automatically passed from Teamtailor to your Oneflow contract. To create a data field in your template, in a text section, click the tag icon and select a data field from the list. To add data fields to a form section, click the edit icon and select a data field from the Data field drop-down list. The field associated with the data field will be marked with a link symbol.
  4. Click Save template.

You're all set! Now, let's create some contracts.

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