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What is a Workspace?

What is a Workspace?

Workspaces are Oneflow's way of organizing contracts and templates into relevant categories. Think of it like having different sub-accounts into which you can put your contracts and resources. Every Workspace has it's own templates, contract archive and address book. 

Everything within a Workspace is contained within that Workspace and is not accessible to users without permissions. 

How do I use Workspaces ?

Getting started is easy! When you register an account, we set things up for you. You will have one Workspace by default and be ready to work. As your needs and teams expand, you can Create new Workspaces and manage the permissions to each of them.

Create as many Workspaces as you need to match your needs. Think of it as sub-accounts where you would store your contracts. Not everyone should have access to all contracts? Create a Workspace and only grant access to the authorised users. 

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