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Subscription and billing

Subscription and billing

In this article you will learn where to manage the company's billing information, upgrade plan, and purchase additional seats.


Under the subscription section, you can view details such as which plan you are using, when your subscription will renew, and whether you have an annual or monthly subscription. 

Change Plan

Changing plans is possible directly within the application. If you have the essentials plan and need to upgrade to business, simply go to Admin > Subscription and billing > click on Plan Change.

If you are interested in the enterprise plan, you will need to contact one of our sales representatives.

Plan changes can only be made for the entire account and all seats.

Buy Seats

If you find yourself unable to invite additional users, it means you have filled all available seats, and it's time to secure more. 

  1. Go to Admin> Subscription and billing > Click on Buy seats.
  2. Enter the desired number of seats you wish to add.
  3. Check the box to confirm that you have the right to buy these seats > Confirm.

Invoice details

Here you can update the email address to which you would like invoices to be sent. You can choose an email and a reference to be included on the invoices.

  1. Go to Admin> Subscription and billing > Click on Edit invoice details.
  2. Enter the new details > Save.

Billing details

Here, you can view the billing details for your company. The information will appear on the invoices. If the details are incorrect, please contact Oneflow support to request any changes you desire. 

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