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Electronic IDs

Electronic IDs

Enabling electronic IDs allows you and your counterparties to sign your documents with an additional layer of identification. Oneflow partners with different brokers to provide secure and reliable Electronic IDs and advanced signatures in a wide range of countries.

This feature is only available for the price plan Business and above.

Electronic IDs we offer

  • Swedish BankID
  • MittID
  • .BeID (coming soon)
  • itsme
  • Smart-ID
  • itsme
  • Norweigan BankID
  • Finnish Trust Network
  • Estonian ID
  • iDIN
  • Freja eID
  • (contact us)

There are two distinct methods for enabling electronic identification (E-ID): Standalone and E-ID Hub. The flexibility of our system allows you to activate both options as needed.

Electronic ID - Stand alone

When using the standalone method, participants will be required to sign documents using the signing method you specify. You have the flexibility to choose from four different signing methods for each participant, and the selected method will determine how the participant can sign the document.

Swedish BankID is only available via the stand alone method. It is the only Electronic ID method where you need to fill in a social security number.

Electronic ID - E-ID HUB

With the E-ID hub method, you have the flexibility to decide which signing methods will be accessible to your participants. When a participant is ready to sign, they will be presented with a list of Electronic IDs to choose from. This allows them to select their own preferred Electronic ID for signing.

Enable Electronic IDs

  1. Go to Admin > Extensions
  2. Scroll to Electronic IDs and make sure it's enabled. 
  3. Choose which electronic IDs you want to activate.

Select Electronic IDs as the default signing method

This is how you select to use Electronic IDs as the default sign method on a template.

  1. Go to Templates > Open a template.
  2. Go to Settings > Open Signing and security > choose Signing method for counterparties in the dropdown list and choose the electronic ID you want to use.

Select Electronic IDs as sign method for a participant

If you prefer not to have the default setting as Electronic ID on a template, you have the option to select the signing method for individual documents, customizing it to suit your needs.

  1. Create a new document
  2. Add a participant and choose a electronic ID as the sign method. 
  3. Confirm and send!

Signing with Electronic ID (BankID)

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