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Audit Log (Admin)

Audit Log

As an administrator on the account, you can access valuable insights into the activities on your account. If a user deletes a document or if you want to find out who has moved a document, no worries. You can easily check this information in the audit log!

  1. Go to Admin > Audit log.

You can filter by user and various events. There are numerous events available for filtering, allowing you to pinpoint the specific information you're looking for.

Deleted documents / templates

If a user accidentally deletes a document or template, Oneflow can assist with recovering the deleted document, ( depending on when it has been deleted, as it may have been removed from the database) For Oneflow's assistance, we need to know the ID of the deleted document, which administrators can find in the audit log. 

Data retention policy

Audit log entries will be stored for 18 months and will be automatically removed after that period.

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