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Notification settings

Notification settings

Each individual user in Oneflow has the opportunity to control which notifications they wish to receive. By default, all notifications will be turned on and if the user wish to turn off a notification, the individual user must do this when they are logged in.

Manage notifications

  1. Go to My profile > Notifications > You will find a list of all notification events sorted by subject. 
  2. Click Edit > Choose the notifications you want to receive according to your needs > Confirm.


You can only change the notification settings for your own user.

All Notifications

Document events

  • I get invited to a document  
    You will receive a notification when someone invites you to participate in a document.
  • An unsigned document becomes overdue 
    You will be notified when a document is past its due date and has not yet been signed.
  • The signing period is extended for an overdue document
    If the signing period for an overdue document is extended, you will receive a notification.
  • A document is signed or declined
    Notifications are sent when a document is either successfully signed or declined by a participant.
  • A document is canceled
    You will be notified if a document is canceled.
  • The content in a document is changed
    Notifications will be sent when there are updates or changes made to the content of a document.
  • A comment is added to a document
    You will receive a notification when a comment is added to a document, allowing you to stay updated on discussions related to the document.

Participant events

  • A participant signs a document
    You will be notified when a participant successfully signs a document.
  • A participant opens a document for the first time
    Notifications are sent when a participant accesses a document for the first time.
  • A participant or party is added, updated or removed in a document
    If there are changes related to participants or parties in a document, you will be informed.
  • document invitation couldn't be delivered
    You will receive a notification if an invitation to a document could not be successfully delivered to the intended recipient.

Lifecycle events

  • A document starts (only relevant when start date isn't the same as sign date)
    You will be notified when a document begins, only when the start date differs from the signing date.
  • A document enters a new period (only relevant for recurring documents)
    Notifications are sent when a recurring document progresses into a new period.
  • A document ends (only relevant for documents with a single period)
    If the document has a single period, you will receive a notification when it comes to an end.
  • A canceled document ends (only relevant for recurring documents)
    For recurring documents that have been canceled, you will be notified when they conclude.

Colleague events

  • Notify me when a colleague's document is signed by everyone
    You will receive a notification when a document belonging to your colleague is successfully signed by all parties.
You will receive this notification if you have permission to view colleagues' documents.


  • 3 days before signing period expires
    You will be reminded three days prior to the signing period's expiration to ensure you have adequate time to take necessary actions.
  • Remind me when the document notice period ends
    You will receive a reminder when the notice period for a document comes to an end, helping you stay informed about critical deadlines.

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