Oneflow offers a powerful, yet easy to use, roles and permissions system. This permission system allows you to grant and restrict the level of permissions given to users in a Collection. A user may have permissions to create contracts in one Collection but only manage templates in another Collection. This is easily achieved with Oneflow.

Member roles

Five Member Roles come preset with your account which allows you to give users more or less permissions to a Collection. 

The five default Member roles are :

Manager : A manager has all permissions to a Collection.

Contributor : A Contributor can create contracts, list all contracts and access the Dashboard.

Template manager : A Template manager can manage contract and message templates but cannot create nor see any contracts

Participant access : A Participant access role is given to user to grant access to their own contracts but users will not be able to create new contracts nor see other's contracts.

Viewer : A Viewer can see all contracts within a Collection but cannot create new ones.

Administrators can view and edit the different Member Roles from the Users & Groups module

Image : Collection roles


  • All roles, but the Manager role, can be edited to suit your needs
  • New roles can not be created