If a user should no longer be able to access Oneflow, an administrator can deactivate the user from the Users and Groups module.

Note : 

  • An inactive user will no longer be able to access Oneflow
  • All contracts and templates created by the inactive user will remain in the account archive.

Deactivate users

  1. Go to the Users & Groups module
  2. Select the Users tab
  3. Select a user you want to deactivate and click on the icon under "Actions"
  4. Confirm

Image : Deactivate user

Image : Deactivated users are marked as Inactive in the user list


  • If you wish to grant access to the user again at a later point in time, simply follow the procedure above but klick on the + icon instead of the X, confirm and the user will be reinstated. 

Before you deactivate the user, make sure you check their contracts to see if there are any drafts or Pending/Overdue contracts that need to be delegated!

Drafts or contracts that are Pending or Overdue will be left in the archive, but if the user is the only Signatory part on your side it's best if you log into the user account and invite a colleague to take over the process.

If you need any help to reset a password to access the account, please ask an Administrator to contact support@oneflow.com and we'll help you.

Signed contracts will always be left in the archive, and you can search for them as usual. The only difference is that there will be a notice saying the contract is unavailable for the user you just removed.

I already deactivated the user before I could delegate their contracts. What can I do?
You can restore the user at anytime by clicking on the icon under "Actions" next to their user details.

Or you can create a copy of the contract by clicking "More options" in the lower right corner and click "Create a copy". Then send the new contract to the counterparty for signing.