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Manage multiple accounts and Invitations with email aliases

Manage multiple accounts and Invitations with email aliases

Maximize your Oneflow experience by managing multiple accounts or document invitations with just one email address. This quick guide shows you how to effectively use email aliases to streamline your account management without compromising security.

Each Oneflow account is linked to a unique email address to keep your data personalized and secure. However, if you need to handle multiple accounts, there’s a simple workaround.

Creating Email Aliases

When inviting or signing up to oneflow you can create email aliases by adding a plus sign ('+') and any descriptor to your base email address:

  • Primary Email: ""
  • Alias Examples: For a second account, use "".
The same applies when a participant needs to sign for different companies within a document. To invite the same person to sign documents for different entities, you can use their primary email '' and ''.

Good to know

  • Centralized Inbox: All emails sent to alias addresses funnel into your primary inbox.
  • Flexibility: Adapt quickly without multiple email setups, maintaining a streamlined and organized communication flow.
This functionality is compatible with email providers such as Google and Outlook. Other providers may not support the use of email aliases.

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