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Limited User

Limited User

Discover our user type Limited User! 

Limited Users provide a simplified user type alongside the familiar "User" and "Administrator" user types. Let's learn more abut what makes Limited Users unique and how they can enhance your experience within the platform.

Limited users are available for customers with this feature specified in their Oneflow agreement.

What is a Limited User?

A Limited User is an unlicensed user with carefully curated access. This user type is designed for simplicity, offering three key capabilities:

Read Only in Specific Workspaces  
Limited Users can view document content within designated workspaces but cannot handle any documents.

Sign Only
They have the ability to sign documents but are restricted from other document-related actions.

Internal collaborations 
Limited Users can engage in internal collaborations and send messages.

Usage and Limitations

Limited Users are unique in that they can only be invited to workspaces with the "Read Only" role. Within these workspaces, they can view document content but lack the ability to perform document management tasks. It's important to note that customization options are not available for Limited Users. If additional functionalities are required, such as naming document, altering document values, creating templates, or editing a document, a full license purchase is necessary.

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