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Getting started with Upsales

Here's a guide explaining how to activate the integration between Oneflow and Upsales.


Before getting started, ensure you are signed in to your Upsales and Oneflow accounts with the same email.

Activate Upsales in Oneflow

The first step is activating the Upsales extension in Oneflow and generating an API token.

  1. Go to Admin Account > Extensions and enabled the Upsales extension by clicking on the enable toggle.
  2. When the Upsales extension is enabled, the Oneflow system will generate an API token. You will use it to connect your Oneflow and Upsales accounts. Copy the token and securely save it for future use.
    This API token is shown only once. If your token is missing, disable the extension and enable it again to get a new API Token.
  3. Log in to UpsalesSettings and copy your Customer ID number.
  4. Go back to the Upsales extension in Oneflow and insert the number in the Customer ID field.

The integration is now active in Oneflow! Now it's time to set up Upsales.

Activate Oneflow in Upsales

To set up the Oneflow integration in Upsales:

  1. Log in to your Upsales account, and click your profile icon > App directory.
  2. On the Apps page, scroll to Oneflow and click it.
  3. In the Oneflow app window, click Activate and read through the terms message that appears.
  4. When you've accepted the terms, you'll be redirected to the Oneflow Settings page. Insert the API key generated in Oneflow earlier.
  5. Click Save.

The setup is done! Now, proceed to create a contract template in Oneflow.

Create a contract template in Oneflow

Now that all the setup is done, you need to create a contract template in Oneflow that you would like to use in Upsales. 

  1. In the Oneflow application, go to Templates, select your Workspace and click Create a template.
  2. Specify the template name, add necessary fields to the template body and save it. Then, in the template settings, go to the Template group drop-down menu and select Upsales Contract/Offer Template.
    You must specify this template group separately for every contract template you'll use for creating contracts in Upsales. 

Add data fields to a contract template

Once you have your template group set, you can create data fields for the information that should be automatically pushed over from Upsales to your Oneflow contract.
To add a data field to your contract template:

  1. In the Oneflow application, open a contract template where you want to add data fields.

  2. Click any text or form field in your template, and then, in the editor, click the data field icon (for text fields) or the pen icon (for form fields). A list of the available data fields will display. Select the data field you need and Save.
    Note that when you add data fields to a Form section, the data fields get marked with a link symbol.

  3. To add a data field to scrolling text, highlight the text you wish to connect and click the data field icon in the editor. The list of available data fields will show, choose the appropriate one.

    The selected text will be populated with the data field value.

Done! Time to create contracts.

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