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Create a Contract in Teamtailor

You start by opening the Job tab select an existing job posting or create a new one.

Click on "Triggers"

Click "+" for the stage where you want to place trigger (most likely Offered). Choose Oneflow "Send contract".

Choose a template from a list of templates and Workspaces.

If you want to move a candidate automatically to a next stage when contract is signed, check the checkbox "Move candidate when complete" and then click "Add Trigger" 

Now it should look like this: 

Now when you drag and drop a candidate from one stage to another one with a trigger, the contact will automatically be created.  


  • When you create a candidate, please make sure that First name, Last name and email are filled in.
  • Each time a list of associated Workspaces gets changed, a new provider key gets generated. This key needs to be shared with Teamtailor support (support@teamtailor.comas soon as possible as the Teamtailor/Oneflow integration will stop working until the key is updated on Teamtailors side.

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