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Add a page break

The template is where you set the default settings, but you can also make changes to contracts if needed. Changes made to the contract will not affect the template. 

A page break lets you move parts of a template onto a new page. This will only be visible in the PDF version of the contract, and not in the contract view.

Adding a page break
1. Click where you want the contract to break to a new page.

2. Click on “Insert page break for printing”.

3. A horizontal line will appear, showing where the section will cut off and move.

4. To view the final result, save your changes and download the PDF preview.

Tips and tricks

  • Page breaks can only be used in text sections. This is to keep from cutting up forms or product tables. If you want to move a form or product table onto a new page, insert a text section and add a page break into it.
  • Oneflow will automatically avoid breaking up sections and text elements. But for longer text sections, this may result in unwanted blank spaces in the final PDF. To fix this, break up your text into shorter divisions.


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