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Two-Step Authentication for Login

Two-step authentication for login is a feature used to Increase the security of a user. With two-step authentication you will need to provide a second password (security code) to login.

How to enable Two-step authentication for login:

First you click on your initials in the top right corner and then on "My profile". 

Go to the "Security" tab and click on "Enable two-step authentication".

Choose if you want email or SMS as your method. 

  • Email: Will always be your user email.
  • SMS: Provide the phone number you want to receive the security code to. 

Enter your current password to save the settings and you're all done! 


  • If you chose to use SMS you will get a validation modal to verify the phone number you set.
  • Admins cannot enforce this setting on users, they need to activate this themselves.
  • You can un-trust your devices by pressing the "revoke your trusted devices" button in the security page.
  • A trusted device will be remembered for 365 days
  • A security code is valid for 5min
  • You can request a new security code every 30sec.

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