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Notification settings

Each individual user in Oneflow has the opportunity to control which notifications they wish to receive. By default, all notifications will be turned on and if the user wish to turn off a notification, the individual user must do this when they are logged in.

Manage notifications

  1. Click on my profile in the bottom left corner of the Oneflow app.
  2. Go to Notifications. You will find a list of all notification events sorted by subject. 
  3. Click Edit and choose the notifications you want to receive according to your needs.

  4. Click Confirm to confirm your changes.


You can only change the notification settings for your user. Can I turn on/off notifications for counterparties?
No, but they can do it by clicking Options in the bottom right corner of their document view.However, if they turn off notifications, they will no longer receive any information about updates in the document. 

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