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Documents - Sending a document

Send a document

Once you've signed into Oneflow and navigated around the platform, it is time to create and send your first document!

In this article you will learn how to create and send a document.

Create a document from a template

  1. Click on +New document > Select a template you wish to use.
  2. Make the changes you wish > Add participants to the document.

Create a blank document

You can choose to create a blank document, which will let you build a custom document without pre-existing sections. An example is if you want to be able to easily upload a pre-filled PDF to send out for signature.

  1. Click on +New document > Create blank.
  2. Build a document with sections and or upload a PDF. 

  3. Add participants to the document.

Upload PDF

Clicking on Upload PDF creates the section "PDF document" for you and allows you to quickly upload a PDF file to your document. When this button is clicked, you are still able to add other sections afterwards into the document by pressing the (+)-button either above the section or below the section.

Add participants

Once your document is finished, it is time to add your participants. Your participants will be located in a list in your right menu, in the first tab option.

Add colleagues

If necessary, you can add colleagues to the document. It may be colleagues who need to sign or only review the content on the document. A colleague will be available to choose if they meet the following requirements:

  • They are a user within your Oneflow account.
  • Their user is active within your account, and has completed their registration process.
If you have colleagues that doesn't have a user within your Oneflow account, you can invite them as a counterparty.

Once you have added your colleague you also get to choose a role which they should have.

  1. Click on Add colleague.
  2. Select a colleague, user role and signing method > Click on Add.

Add counterparties

Using "Add counterparty" means that you will be adding an external counterparty to your document. This means either the person/company you're negotiating this document with, or an external party that should have viewer's access to the document. Once you add a counterparty, you will get to choose whether it is an individual party (Individual) or a person representing a company (Company).

  1. Click on Add counterparty.
  2. Choose whether the counterparty is a Company or an Individual.
  3. Fill in all required fields > Click on Add.

  • You can invite individuals and companies.
  • You can invite several counterparties in the same company.
  • You can invite several companies with several counterparties representing the companies, if necessary.

Document roles

  • Signatory - will be able to view, edit, comment and sign. 
  • Influencer - will be able view, edit and comment.
  • Organizer (Internal use only)- will be able view, edit and comment. Read more here.
  • Viewer  - will be able to view and comment.

Read more about roles in documents here.

Additional options

When your participants are added to your document, you have two features to adjust how you want the signing to be performed. 

  • Signing order lets you select in which order your document will be sent to the participants. Do note that only signatories will be affected by this order, therefore, participants between signatories will receive the document according to when signatories sign in the list. Read more about this feature here.
  • Sign later allows you to disable the signing function when sending out the document. This can be used when sending a proposal, and if the counterpart is happy with the offer and wants to sign it, you can simply head back into the document and toggle the option off to enable the signing process. Read more about this feature here.

Save and send

Now that everything is prepared, you can finally send your document to all parties! In the right menu, you should have a "Send" button available for you at the very bottom. If the button does not say Send, you might have to save your changes first.

  1. Save all changes > Send.
  2. In the confirmation window that appears you will have the option to write a message or choose a message template that the participants will receive. Confirm the message you are about to send and click Send

All participants will receive a secure link to view the document and interact with its sections.

You will be notified when your counterpart has opened the document, and you can see how many times they have opened it by hovering over their information in the participant list.

If the counterparty has any questions, they can ask them in the Comment section, and all participants will receive notifications whenever changes are made and saved.

When all terms are discussed and the necessary information is filled in, it's time to sign! All participants with the role signatory will need to click the Sign button. 

Congratulations on your first signed document with Oneflow!

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