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What integrations does Oneflow offer?

We are constantly working on new integrations. Currently, the following Oneflow integrations are available:
- Membrain

- Upsales

- SuperOffice

- HubSpot

- Salesforce
- Salesforce Lightning

- Microsoft Dynamics 365

- Lime CRM

- Pipedrive

- Adocka

- Intelliplan

- Jobylon

- Teamtailor

- Sympa HR

- Google Workspaces


Video guides are only available in Swedish.

Oneflow also offers a public API, custom data fields, and webhooks for customers that would like to build their solutions.

If you're interested in becoming a part of our API, you can find all the related information here.


Can I use the Oneflow/HubSpot integration with the free plan of Hubspot?

To use the Oneflow/HubSpot integration, you must have the Sales Professional plan in HubSpot.

Does the HubSpot integration work with the Oneflow trial account?

Yes, however, if you decide to continue with the integration after the trial period, it will be no longer possible to connect another Oneflow account to your existing HubSpot environment. Therefore, we recommend that you use the same Oneflow account you intend to use in the future when the trial period is over.

I cannot see where to add the contacts in the HubSpot contract creation card?

To see the contacts list on the contract creation card, you need to scroll down the card.


What happens to the contract in Oneflow when the Opportunity is deleted in SuperOffice?

The contract will still exist in the Oneflow application and must be manually deleted in SuperOffice or Oneflow. 

How many contracts can be created in a single Sales in SuperOffice?

Currently, you can create one contract per Sales in SuperOffice.


Is it possible to connect my Oneflow account to another demo org in Salesforce?

Yes, you can connect your Oneflow account to a different Salesforce org. You need to generate a new token and reconnect the Salesforce integration with the target org. 

Please refer to our help center articles for more info about our Salesforce integration here

The contract I created in Salesforce is still in the Draft/Not opened stage even though both parties have signed the contract. What should I do?

Please make sure that you have completed the initial setup of the Salesforce integration by checking the Extensions page in the Oneflow application. The Authenticate with Salesforce step needs to be completed to show the update in the Salesforce CRM. If you have done this step and the status of the contract still does not get updated in the Salesforce CRM, please re-enable the extension and paste the new token described in the Token Configuration part. Then, re-authenticate in Salesforce by performing the Authenticate with Salesforce step and ensuring that the webhook URL is pointing to the correct Salesforce ORG.

The Salesforce integration is not working anymore. What should I do?

There might be several reasons for this. Please refer to our troubleshooting article for our Salesforce integration here.

Can I see the status of the contracts on the Salesforce Dashboard?

Yes, you can create a new report type based on the Oneflow Contract object and create reports based on it. To create the report type please go to setup and search for report type. Then create a new report type based on the Oneflow contract object.

How do I disable the Stage Mapping feature in Salesforce?

There is no direct way of disabling the Stage Mapping in Salesforce. However, one solution to this is enabling the Multiple Contracts feature. Once this feature is enabled, the Stage Mapping will no longer work. Please refer to this help center article to see how to enable the Multiple Contracts feature.


When creating a contract on a candidate's card, I get the following error message: "Some integrations may be not visible because this candidate did not apply to any job". What does this mean?

This error may occur when a candidate is not added to any job. Before creating the contract this way, please make sure that the candidate is added to a job first.


The contract creation in Sympa is failing and I'm getting an error message stating that something went wrong. What should I do?

For the contract creation to work, the user email that is stated under the Authorized Signer section in Sympa needs to have access to the Oneflow workspace that is connected with your Sympa account.
Please, make sure that the user email specified in this section, has the correct access to the workspace that is being used. 

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