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Getting started with Lime

Here's what you need to do to activate the integration between Oneflow and Lime CRM.

Log in to your Oneflow account, go to Extensions- Lime-  Activate.

When you activate the integration, an e-mail is sent to our support informing us of this action. We then contact your account manager at Lime to make sure you have the correct version of Lime installed and provide them with the API-token generated from our system. 

Lime proceeds with the configuration on their end and will inform you when you're all set!

Once the integration is set, you need to activate a template group in all the Oneflow Templates that you wish to connect to Lime. This is done separately for each template so go to Templates and click on one that you want to connect. Under Settings you have Template groups, choose the Lime template group, save.

Once you have your template group set, you can create data fields for the information that should be automatically pushed over from Lime to your Oneflow contract.

Click to edit your form field, click on "data field" and a list of the available fields will show. Choose the appropriate one and Save.

The field connected to a data field will be marked by a symbol

You can of course also add a data field to scrolling text

To do so, simply highlight the text you wish to connect and click on the black data field tag in the editor. The list of available data fields will show, choose the appropriate one. 

Done! Time to create contracts.

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