If the e-mail with your contract link bounces, this will almost always be because the e-mail adress doesn't exist. 

Before contacting Oneflow support, we urge you to do the following:

1. Check if there are any spelling mistakes
The most common causes are either the wrong ending for the web page (se/no/dk/etc. instead of "com" or vice versa) or spelling a name wrong.

2. Check with your counterparty
Copy the exact e-mail you've used in the contract and use it to send an e-mail from your regular inbox. If you get an error message in your inbox saying the e-mail is wrong, please contact your counterparty to double-check the adress you've written.

3. I've changed the e-mail, but now I can't click on "Send". Will my counterparty get the e-mail?
Yes! As soon as you change the e-mail adress to a valid one, the link will be sent automatically. If you want to make extra sure, you can click "Send reminder" in the bottom right corner and send them another message.