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Audit trail

Audit trail

The Audit trail feature collects and logs all of the changes made to a document.

How to open a detailed view

  1. Click on the Audit trail icon.
    There you can see a history of the document from start to finish.
  2. To see the exact change that was made, click Show details. If you hover over the underlined time, you will see the exact date and time of the edit.

Reset signatures

Once a document is partially signed and any change is made to the document content, or if the last signatory participant is edited or removed, all signatures will be reset. There is no option to revert to a previous version of the document to restore the signatures. The audit trail will provide details on what change triggered the signatures to be reset.

Additionally, a warning will appear informing you that the change you are about to make will reset the signatures.

  • The audit trail is a part of the document and is added to the document PDF in its entirety.
  • To ease the global use of the PDF, the system will register the timestamp in the audit trail timezone CET and the time stamp in the PDF in timezone UTC. 

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