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Send a contract reminder

At times you might need to remind your counterparts or your colleagues regarding your contracts, to ensure that the contract gets fully signed. This can easily be done with Message participants

You can only message participants if you are a part of the contract.
This feature is only available when the contract is in a pending state. If the contract is already signed, you can send out a message via the comments section.

  1. Navigate to your contract
  2. In the action menu at the top right of your contract, select "Message participants"

  3. Now you will receive a dialogue option where you get to choose what recipients should receive this reminder, and also add a custom message.

  4. When you're happy with your message, click on "Send"!
  5. Done! You can always revisit the message you sent by going to the "Comments" section of the contract.

You can also send out a message via the contract archive, in the menu below:

This feature can as well be used outside of sending reminders, for example sending longer updates that do not fit the comments section.

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