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Create a Contract in Upsales

Once you have completed all necessary setups, you can create your first contract.

Follow the steps below to create a contract:

  1. Go to your Upsales account, click Sales & CRME-sign, and click New E-sign.
  2. Search the company to which you wish to send your contract.
  3. Add contract RecipientsRelated opportunity, and Template and click Create E-sign.
  4. The system will direct you to your draft contract, where you can edit it as needed. You're now ready to send your contract.
  5. Click Send, and write a message to send along with the contract invitation.
  6. Click on Send, and you're done!

You can see an overview of your contracts in Upsales under E-sign.

Choosing a recipient and a template is mandatory. 
If you want the products from the opportunity to get transferred to the contract, make sure that you have one product table in your Oneflow template.

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