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Getting started with SuperOffice

Please note collections are now called workspaces.

Here's a guide explaining how to activate the integration between Oneflow and SuperOffice.

Enable SuperOffice extension

1. To enable the SuperOffice integration on the extension page in Oneflow, go to "Admin settings" -> Account -> Extensions 

2. Click on "SuperOffice" -> "Authenticate to SuperOffice"


3. You will be redirected to SuperOffice to choose the account for which you want to setup the integration. Note that you can only set up the integration for a single SuperOffice account.

4. Once you have chosen the account you will be redirected to the extension page with a message saying that the connection to SuperOffice has been successful.

5. Now the Oneflow web panel is visible in the section tab at the bottom of the Sale screen in Superoffice.

In case you cannot yet see the web panel, you need to call the following URL. In the URL, replace CustXXXX with your actual customer id. You can see the customer id in the location bar of your browser when you are viewing the SuperOffice page.

5. Inside the web panel you might have to choose the same account again that you are currently logged in with. If you accidentally choose the wrong account in the webpanel, the page will let you choose again.

Create templates

1. Create templates in Oneflow that you would like to use in SuperOffice and specify template group as "SuperOffice" and click Save.

2. Mark template as Active.


  • As a Oneflow administrator, take care to register the users with the same email address they use in the associated SuperOffice account.

  • By default Oneflow panel will be visible for all user groups. If you want to hide it from certain user groups, please modify the configuration (Settings and maintenance - Lists - GUI Web panel - Oneflow Contract).
  • If you want to remove the integration, you can disable it in Oneflow, and remove the web panel from SuperOffice (Settings and maintenance - Lists - GUI Web panel - Oneflow Contract).

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