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Create a contract in SuperOffice

Now that you've set up Oneflow and SuperOffice integration let's create a contract!

  1. Contracts can be created from three entities: Sale, Contact, and Company.
    Click New and create a new Sale, Contact, or Company, or open an existing one.
    create a new Sale, Contact or a Company


    If you did the setup of the Oneflow integration before 31.08.2022, you need to re-authenticate in Oneflow in order to create a contract from the Company or Contact entities.

  2. Navigate to the Oneflow Contract tab, give your contract a name, and choose a workspace, template, and participants. 

    To attach PDFs or other files to your contract, select a Oneflow Template with a PDF documents or attachments section added to it.

  3. Add participants to your contract by clicking the checkbox corresponding to the contact you wish to add. 

    Select a Type and Role for each participant from the dropdowns.
    • Signatory: can sign the contract.
    • Influencer: can edit the contract.
    • Viewer: can view and comment on the contract.
     • Company
    : adds the contact as a participant in the Oneflow contract as a representative of the company in the Superoffice (you can have multiple participants under one company).
     • Individual: adds a person as a participant in the contract.

  4. If you want to send the contract to the selected participants, click Next.If you want to save the contract as a draft, check the Draft only checkbox and click + Create Contract. The contract will be created in Oneflow with the provided details but not sent to the participants.

  5. If you click Next, specify your Participants, Subject, and Message, then click Send Contract.Once the contract is sent to the participant(s), it will be automatically published to Oneflow, where you can sign it.
  6. The created contract will appear in the Oneflow Contract tab with its state (Draft/Sent). You can navigate to the contract by clicking the contract name.Simple as that!

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