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Inline Comments (BETA)

We're excited to introduce a new feature, but please be aware that it's currently in beta testing. This means we're actively working to refine and enhance its functionality. Your feedback and insights during this phase are invaluable in helping us make it even better.
This feature is only available for the price plan Business and above.


With this new feature, you can invite team members to privately review and comment on the document before it's sent. You can highlight text sections, clauses, or terms, enabling you to leave comments, ask questions, or offer feedback, all in real-time and in a single location!

Choose between chat or comments

Oneflow offers two different ways to engage in discussions within your documents: the classic chat, which we've always had, and now comments.


Chat is the classic feature that enables direct communication with participants in the document. In the chat, your invitation will be added as the first chat to the document. Also, direct responses to an email invitation will be automatically included as public chats in that document.


The  new Comments feature lets you discuss the content, either internally or publicly, by highlighting text and possibility to resolve comments. 

You can choose to chat or comments within the collaboration tab.

Add internal & public comments

  1. Create or open a document.
  2. Add a comment by selecting text and click on Add comment.

Once a comment has been added they will be shown in the comment section next to the document and directly in the document with a yellow line underneath. 

This feature is limited to adding comments only in text and image sections.

Internal comments

  • You can only add internal comments in draft mode, before sending the document to your counterparties.
  • If there are any comments added in draft mode, all of them must be resolved before you can send the document.
  • Once the document is sent, you can not add any more internal comments.

Public comments

Once you have sent a document, you have the option to add comments publicly. These comments will be visible to all participants, whether you tag a specific participant or not.

  • Public comments can only be added once the document has been sent. 
  • All participants included in the document have the ability to resolve a comment if permitted to do so by the owner.

Edit, resolve and track

Once you've created a comment, both you and participants can continue the discussion within the same thread. When an agreement is reached, any participant can resolve the comment, if permitted to do so by the owner.

Within comments, you can filter between active and resolved comments so that you can:

  • Keep track of which comments still need your attention.
  • Have a transparent record of discussions and decisions made throughout the document's lifecycle.

Resolve - settings

You as an owner have the option to control whether invited counterparties can resolve comments or not. You can make this choice in the settings to the right of the document. 

A participant will always be able to resolve a comment they have initiated.
  1. Open a document > Go to settings  > Open General 
  2. Toggle on Allow counterparties to resolve comments.

Good to know..

  • If you’re editing or adding content to the document, you’ll have to save before being able to add comments. 
  • When a document is in a draft state, you can start adding comments internally.
  • You cannot add external comments until after the document has been sent and is pending, and vice versa–once the document has been sent, you can no longer add internal comments. 
  • Once the document has been sent you can sign the document wether there are unresolved comments or not. 

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