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Collaboration / Write a chat message

Collaboration / Write a chat message 

There are two ways to have a conversation with the participant inside your documents:

  • Via the Oneflow application.
  • Via E-mail.

Choose between chat or comments

Oneflow offers two different ways to engage in discussions within your documents: the classic chat and comments.

Depending on your price plan you might only have access to the chat feature.
Comments is only available for the price plan Business and above.

Collaboration / Chat

Chat is the classic feature that enables direct communication with participants inside the document. Once you send the document your invitation will be added as the first chat to the document. 

Comments (new)

Comments is the new feature that lets you discuss the content, either internally or publicly, by highlighting text and having to resolve these comments.

Write a message in Oneflow

  1. Go to documents > Open a document.
  2. Click on Collaboration > Click on chat > Write your message in the chat tab.
  3. Choose if you want to post a Public message, i. e. everyone will be able to see it, or an Internal chat, i.e., only you or your colleagues will be able see it.

The participants will receive a notification via the chosen delivery method informing them of your message with the link to the document.

Internal & public chats messages

Internal message 

They are visible to all colleagues within the document, regardless of whether you direct the chat message to a specific colleague or not. Directing a chat message to a specific colleague means that only that colleague will receive a notification about the added message, but it will still be visible to all internal participants.

Public message

They are visible to everyone invited to the document. Via the tag function (@), you have the opportunity to direct the chat message to a unique participant. This means that when you select a specific participant, only that person will receive a message notification. But all participants will still see the chat messages in Oneflow.

Write a message via E-mail

  • If you simply reply directly to an email invitation your email will then automatically be added as a public chat message in that document.
  • Your invitation will be added as the first chat message to the document.


Can I write a message on a signed document?
Yes! The chat is open after the document has been signed.
Can I edit a message after posting them?
No, you can't edit any messages after posting them, so we recommend you give your message a quick review before hitting the Send button.
I cannot write a message to my counterpart in a document, why?
If your document hasn't been sent to a counterpart yet, i.e., it's still marked as Draft, you will only be able to write chat messages internally. To be able to add a message to you counterparts you need to unlock the document by sending the document first.
My counterpart hasn't opened the document yet, but they've left a chat message. How?
Any e-mail reply to the invitation will be added as a chat message. This means that your counterpart can add messages without opening a document. If they're having trouble opening the document, please check this article.

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