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Create contracts in Oneflow

Before creating a contract for the first time, you need to create a template in Oneflow.

Create a template

  1. Log in to Oneflow.
  2. Click on the Templates icon from the side panel.
  3. Click on the Template Library, then select Employment contract.
  4. Click on the current template name and enter a new name for your template (i.e. “HiBob Template One”).
  5. From the Settings pane, open the Template group dropdown, then select HiBob Template.
  6. Customize the template to match your needs by editing its sections.
  7. Add data fields to your template to transfer information to fields in HiBob.
    To learn more, see, Add data fields to a text section and Add data fields to a form section.
  8. Once you have customized the template, click on Save template changes.
  9. Go to the Templates list by clicking the Templates icon in the side panel.
  10. Activate the template by enabling the toggle corresponding to the template name.
  11. You can now start creating contracts with this template.

Introducing data fields

  • Data fields save you time keeping your data updated by reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • Use the data fields feature to seamlessly transfer information that a candidate enters in the Oneflow contract to their relevant fields in HiBob.
  • For instance, when the candidate fills in their email in a data field within the Oneflow contract, this will automatically be transferred to the Employee email field of the employee's record in HiBob once both parties sign the contract. 
  • You can add data fields to a text or form section in a Oneflow template.
  • To learn more, see Data fields.

Add data fields to a text section

  1. Position the cursor to the place in the template where you want to add a data field to (i.e. places where input is required from the candidate).
  2. Click on the Insert data-field icon to add a data field.

  3. Select the corresponding HiBob Data field from the dropdown. This is the field in HiBob to which the candidate’s input will be transferred to.

  4. Click on Confirm to add the data field to the template.

  5. Double-click on the data field to customize its placeholder text and other attributes.

  6. Click Confirm.

  7. Repeat these steps for each data field you want to link.

Add data fields to a form section

To customize data fields within a form section, perform the following.

  1. Click on the form field to edit the field’s name, and the HiBob Data field it is linked to.
  2. From the Data field dropdown, select a HiBob data field you want to link. This is the field in HiBob to which the candidate’s input will be transferred to.
  3. Click Save.
  4. To add another row of fields to the form section, or to customize form options, click on the cog icon near the form section.
  5. Repeat these steps for each data field you want to link.

Creating and updating employees

Employee information entered into Oneflow data fields will be transferred to HiBob once the contract is signed.

  • When creating an employee from a contract:
    • The Employee ID data field is left blank.
    • A new employee record will be created in HiBob once the contract is signed.
  • When updating an existing employee from a contract: 
    • The Employee ID data field is filled and the contract is signed.
    • The Employee email data field is filled and the contract is signed.
    • If both the Employee ID and Employee email fields are filled, then they need to match a corresponding employee record in HiBob. If a match cannot be found, you will receive an error message to your registered email address.
    • If a match exists, then the HiBob employee record corresponding to the Employee ID or Employee email will be updated once the contract is signed.

List of supported data fields

The exact list of fields that are transferred to HiBob differs based on whether a new employee is being created or an existing employee's information is being updated.

  • Some fields are mandatory when creating or updating employee information.
Data field nameCan be transferred from Oneflow to HiBob when creating a new employee?Can be transferred from Oneflow to HiBob when updating an existing employee?Mandatory?

* When creating an employee

** When updating an existing employee

Employee Address City


Employee Address Country


Employee Address Line 1


Employee Address Line 2

Employee Address Post CodeYes   
Employee Address StateYes   
Employee Base Salary CurrencyYes  Yes 
Employee Base Salary ValueYes  Yes 
Employee DepartmentYes  Yes 
Employee EmailYes Yes*
Employee Employment ContractYes   
Employee First NameYesYesYes *
Employee IDYes **
Employee Job CategoryYes
Employee Job TitleYesYes 
Employee Last NameYesYesYes *
Employee Marital StatusYes
Employee National IDYes 
Employee NationalityYes 
Employee Notice Period LengthYes   
Employee Notice Period UnitYes   
Employee PrefixYes  

Employee Probation End Date


Employee Salary Effective Date

Yes Yes 
Employee Salary Pay FrequencyYes Yes 
Employee Salary Pay PeriodYes Yes 
Employee Work Effective DateYes Yes 
Employee Work SiteYesYesYes *
Employee Work Start DateYes Yes*

Creating a contract

You can now create a contract for a candidate using the HiBob template you created.

  1. Click on the + New document icon from the side panel.
  2. From the use template section, select the template you created for HiBob.
  3. Customize the contract to match your needs.
  4. Click + Add counterparty to add an employee as a counterparty to the contract.
  5. Select Individual as the counterparty type.
  6. Fill in the data fields in the text or form sections with the participant's details (i.e. employee's details).
  7. Click Confirm.
  8. Click on Save changes.
  9. Click Send.
  10. Enter a Subject and a Message.
  11. Click Send to send the contract to the employee via email.
  • Once, all signatories have signed the contract, the employee’s details in the contract's data fields will be transferred to HiBob.
  • Additionally, the signed version of the contract will be uploaded to the Confidential Docs section in HiBob.

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