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Getting Started

Here's a guide explaining how to activate the integration between Oneflow and Cinode.

Special notes:

  • You must have an account in Oneflow and Cinode with the same email.
  • Only workspaces with at least one active Cinode template are displayed.

Enable the Cinode extension in Oneflow

To enable the Cinode integration:

  1. Go to Admin > Extensions > then click on the Cinode extension. 
  2. Enable the extension using the toggle on the extension page.
    Alternatively, you may also enable the extension with the following URL.
  3. Oneflow will automatically generate and display the API token when you enable the extension.
    This token will only show once. Save the token as soon as it’s displayed to connect your Oneflow and Cinode accounts later. If you lose your token, you will need to disable the extension and enable it again to get a new API Token.

Configure the Oneflow integration in Cinode

  1. Login to your Cinode account as an administrator.
  2. Go to Administration > Integrations > Apps and install the Oneflow app.
  3. Press Accept & Install.
  4. Press Settings on the Oneflow app page in Cinode, and when prompted, provide the Oneflow access token you copied in the previous stage.

Create a contract template

Now, create a template in Oneflow that you will use for creating contracts in Cinode: 


Ensure the Oneflow user intended to create documents from templates has a role with the Create documents from templates permission.

  1. Go to Templates and click Create template.
  2. Specify the template group as Cinode Template, and click Save.
    You may also convert an already created template for use with Cinode by changing the Template group.
  3. You can also add data fields for the information that should be automatically pushed over from Cinode to your Oneflow contract. Click the pen icon in a form field > Data field, select a data field, and Save.
    Refer to the official documentation on Using data fields in a template.
    A link symbol will mark the field connected to a data field
  4. You can, of course, also add a data field to the scrolling text. To do so, highlight the text you wish to connect and click the data field icon in the editor. Choose the appropriate data field and Confirm.
  5. Enable the template in the template list. 

All ready! You can now create and sign documents in Cinode.

Create a contract

You can create Oneflow contracts from Projects and Candidates in Cinode.

  1. Login to Cinode.
  2. Open an existing Project or a Candidate profile.
  3. In the Oneflow documents widget, press + to create a new contract.

Include Roles with Project contracts

Roles are automatically included as “products” in contracts created from a project as long as a single product table is added to the selected template.

Product table columns are populated as follows.

NameDescriptionPrice 1Price 2Value
{role name} - {role extent}Period: {start} - {end}; Assigned: {Assigned person} -- {role description}{currency code} {rate}/hblankblank

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