Here's a guide explaining how to activate the integration between Oneflow and Membrain.

Enable extension in Oneflow

1. To enable the Membrain integration on the extension page in Oneflow, go to Account -> Extensions -> Enable Extension.

2. When you have enabled the extension, you will see the API token. You will not be able to see this token again later, so we suggest you copy or write it down immediately (If you lose your token, you need to disable the extension and enable it again to get a new one). This API token will be used to connect your Oneflow and Membrain account. 

3. Login in your Membrain account, go to System Setup->Integrations -> Oneflow-> Authentication, paste your API token here.

Congratulations, the integration is now active!

4. Create templates in your Oneflow account which you want to use for creating contracts/ Agreements. Go to Templates -> Create Templates. Create the template by adding the required sections and save it under Template Group= "Membrain Template". Do not forget to activate the new template in Oneflow 

5. Once you have this set, you need to select templates in your Membrain account which you want to use while creating contracts/ Agreements. You will be able to select templates which are already created/ present in your Oneflow account, if you haven't done so, please go to step 4 . 

Go to System Setup->Integrations -> Oneflow-> Templates and select the templates that you want to use.

Done! Time to create contracts/ Agreements