This is a short introduction intended to help recipients of Oneflow contracts.

Notifications are sent whenever your counterparty has updated or changed something in the contract. This is so that you and your counterparty can maintain an open communication, and so you'll always know what’s going on.

Notifications by email

Whenever a change is made and saved, an email is sent out with a summary of what the updates are and who made them.

Notifications in the application

A summary of the notifications will also be visible in the lower right corner of the application view. This will open up automatically if there have been changes made since your last visit.

You're able to view where, when and by who an edit was made. Click or hover over the underlined text to find out the exact date and time the contract was changed.

Turn off email notifications

If you're receiving many notifications from a contract, you can chose to turn all notifications off by clicking on the cogwheel in the lower right corner and unticking the box.

Please note that this will turn off all notifications related to that specific contract