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Notifications - For recipients


Notifications are sent whenever a participant has been added, signed or made a change in the document. This way, you will always know what’s happening and maintain open communication. 


Whenever a document change is made and saved, Oneflow sends an email with a summary of the updates and who made them to all participants in the document.

Disable email notifications

If you no longer want to receive notifications related to a specific document, you can choose to turn all notifications off:

  1. Open the document from the email and click More options.
  2. Clear the Notifications checkbox.
  3. Confirm to turn off the notifications.

When unchecked ALL notifications related to the document will be disabled. These notifications are the following:
  • Signature related updates
  • Collaborations/Comments/Messages
  • Signing period information/updates
  • Changes in the document's content

In-app audit trail

A summary of the notifications will also be visible in the Audit trail tab. Read more in the Audit trail article.

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