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Introduction to Oneflow - For recipients

Introduction to Oneflow

This article is an introduction to help Oneflow recipients familiarize themselves with Oneflow.

What is Oneflow?

Oneflow is a digital platform that makes it easier to create, send and sign digital documents using electronic signatures. We collaborate with various companies that either use our services as is or integrate their products with Oneflow.

Invitation - Open the document

For you as a Oneflow recipient, a typical case would be the following:

  1. You will receive an email from your counterparty with a secure link to a document. 
  2. Open the document from the email.

You do not need to be a registered Oneflow user to open a document.

Edit participant information

When you have opened a document, you can review the participants who are invited by hovering over it.

You can also review your information and change it by clicking on the edit pen next to the name.

Edit document

Unlike PDF documents, Oneflow document are interactive and allow you to fill in the information and make choices right in the document itself.

Depending on how the sender has designed the document, you may have to fill in information. Fill in the information and save your changes to sign the document!
Oneflow is safe to use, and no details filled in are ever shared with third parties outside the document.


The Sign button will appear instead of the Save button after all changes are saved.

Audit trail

The Audit trail is where all changes and interactions made with the document are logged.


The Collaboration tab is where you or other participants can leave chat messages/comments to one another.

More options

Under the More options tab, you as an invited participant to the document have the opportunity to control some settings for yourself.

  • Notifications - When unchecked, ALL notifications related to the document will be disabled. 
  • Decline document.
  • Download PDF.
  • Link to our Help Center.
  • Oneflow Terms of Use.

How to sign the document

You can sign when the sign button is green. If the button however is gray, it may be possible that there are required fields that need to be filled in before you can sign. 

  1. View the document, fill in the necessary information. > Save > Sign
  2. Read the notification that appears and, if you agree > Sign. 
  3. Congratulations, you have signed the document!

  • All  participants will receive a notification that the document has been signed and need to sign it.
  • Once all signatories sign the document, you will receive an email notification with the link to the signed document. Click Open to open the document.

Download document

Once you open the document, the following message will display:

  1. Click Download as PDF to view the PDF version of the signed document.

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