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Create Contract/ Agreements in Membrain

Here's how you send a contract through Membrain!

1. Login to Membrain, you need to setup a new Sales process or edit an existing one to use Oneflow for creating your Agreements/ Contracts. You can create a new Sales Process by going to System Setup-> Processes-> Sales Processes 

2. Create a new process , you will have the option to create a process from template/ copy an existing process/ or start from a blank process. 

Select the step where you want to create a Agreement using Oneflow 

Add details/ tools to add Oneflow for creating contracts 

Click Create Agreement

Select Oneflow in the options and choose Template/ Templates that you want to use for creating the contract

Publish the process 

3. Now go to Sales Project -> New Sales Project -> Select the relevant Sales Process and Create the Project. Go through your sales project by completing the relevant steps. Create the Contract/ Agreement. 

Choose the roles and create the contract!

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