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Two-step Authentication for Opening Contracts

The two-step authentication is an optional way to increase your contract security to ensure that only the intended recipient can access the contracts you send for signing.

By using the two-step authentication the counterparty will need to enter a security code before they can access the contract. The code can be sent either by email or by SMS. To set the two-step authentication as default for all sent contracts you can save it in your templates.

Here' how to set it up in templates:

Go to Templates in the left side menu and open a template of your choice. 

In the template settings on the right hand side you'll find two step authentication method. Choose your preferred method and save.

To find the two-step authentication in a contract open your draft and click on "add counterparty" to the right of the contract.

The method you have set in the template will be filled in by default, but you will also have the option to change it if needed. 

Click "add". Your contract is ready to be sent!


  • Security code will always be 6-digits
  • You need to have SMS extension enabled to use SMS-authentication. Here you can read how to enable this. 
  • Once a guest have opened a contract with two-step authentication that device will be remembered for 30 days
  • Security code will automatically be sent once the email link is opened and the code is valid for 5min
  • Pressing resend will send you a new security code that is also valid for 5min
  • By setting two-step authentication on a template will make every participant added on that contract have that option as default

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