Data retention is a way for you to manage your contract data to avoid any information being stored passed its allowed time (GDPR). By enabling data retention in your collections you can choose when you would like your drafts, overdue, declined or terminated contracts to automatically be deleted from the system

For example: Setting a 14 day retention period for expired contracts will delete that contract after 14 days after it goes into expired status. 

How to enable data retention:

Go to Collections and choose the collection you want to enable data retention for.

Navigate to the "data retention" tab and click "edit".

Enter the number of days you'd like for expired or declined contracts to be removed and click "confirm".

All done!


  • Contracts removed by data retention cannot be restored
  • The retention period in settings will always be in "days"
  • Moving a contract to a collection with data retention may remove the contract
  • Leaving or setting the fields empty will disable data retention
  • The system removes contracts on a daily basis