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Two-step authentication

The two-step authentication is a perfect way to increase your contract security. This method ensures that only the intended recipients can access contracts you send for signing.

As a part of the two-step authentication, the counterparty will need to enter a security code to access the contract. The security code can be sent either by email or by SMS. 


You can set the two-step authentication as the default authentication method for all contracts by specifying it in your contract templates.

Template setup

To make the two-step authentication default for all contracts created from a template:

  1. Go to Templates and open a template of your choice.
  2. In the Settings tab, find the Two-step authentication method field and select either Email verification or SMS verification method, then Save the template.

Contract setup

You can also set up the two-step authentication in a contract:

  1. Open your draft contract and click Add counterparty.
  2. The method you have set in the template will be filled in by default; however, you can change it if needed in the Two-step authentication method field.
  3. Click Add. Now your contract is ready to be sent, click Send.
  4. Once the contract is sent, the counterparty will receive an email with the contract link where they need to click Open.
  5. The two-step authentication window will open, and, at the same time, the system will send a verification code to the party depending on the selected method (SMS or email). They must provide the code in the authentication field and press Authenticate.
  6. If the authentication is successful, the contract participant will be redirected to the contract.


  • The security code will always be 6-digits.
  • To use SMS authentication, ensure the SMS extension is enabled. Here you can read how to enable it. 
  • Once a guest has opened a contract with two-step authentication, that device will be remembered for 30 days.
  • Security code will automatically be sent once the email link is opened. The code is valid for 5 min.
  • Pressing Resend will send you a new security code valid for 5 min.
  • Setting the two-step authentication on a template will default that option for every contract participant.

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