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There are two ways to add comments to Oneflow contracts:

1. From the application
Click on the Comment tab located to the right of your contract view and write your comment in the comment field. 

Choose if you want to post a Public comment, i. e. everyone can see it, or a Private comment, i.e. only you and/or your colleagues can see it.

* Please note: Private comments are visible to all colleagues that are participants in the contract, regardless if you direct the comment to a specific colleague or not. Directing a comment to a specific colleague means that only that colleague will receive a notification about the added comment, but it is still visible to all internal participants.

2. From your email inbox
If you reply to a contract invitation via Oneflow, your emails to your counterpart will be added as a public comment automatically.

Your invitation e-mail will be added as the first comment to the contract, and anything posted as a public comment will be included into the PDF copy of the contract.

Can I comment on a signed contract?
Yes! The comment field is open after the contract has been signed.

Can I make changes to comments after they've been posted?
No, you can't edit comments after you've posted them, so we recommend that you give your comment a quick review before hitting that "Post comment"- or "Send-button!

I can't write a comment!
If your contract hasn't been sent to a counterpart yet, i. e. it's still marked as a Draft, you can't write any comments. Send the contract first to unlock the comment field.

My counterpart hasn't opened the contract yet, but they've left a comment. How?
Any e-mail sent as a reply to the contract invitation will be added as a public comment. This means that your counterpart can add comments without having opened the contract. If they're having trouble opening the contract, please check this article.

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