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Azure SSO Troubleshooting

Common issues

User becomes inactive when trying to sign with SSO

A user can be inactivated automatically upon signing in if they are not mapped in the correct groups, or if the group configuration is wrong. To resolve this:

  • Please ensure that the user has the matching groups in your AD as well as in Oneflow, via this guide: "Configuring Group Sync".
  • Confirm that you have setup the group mappings with a person at Oneflow first.
  • Create a ticket if you suspect that the group syncs are not correct.
Message says "I don't have access to the application"

This message usually appears due to missing out on giving the user access to the Oneflow application within your AD. To resolve this:

  • Head to the Oneflow settings within Azure → Users and groups → Add user/group.

A user who is not using SSO has to login to our account, but we have enforce SSO enabled

In this case, the domain for the user's email address can be added to an exclusion list for your account. This allows them to sign in with password instead.

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