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Create, send, and track contracts

  • Before creating a contract,ensure your Oneflow account contains:  
  • You can use the Oneflow add-in with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint on the web or on the desktop.
  • If you are using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint on the desktop, make sure to save the document to your Onedrive account or enable autosave before using the Oneflow add-in.

Create and send a contract

  1. Open Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.
  2. Create a blank document or open an existing document.
  3. Click on the Oneflow add-in.
  4. Click on Create Contract
  5. Enter a suitable name for the contract in the Name field. 
  6. Select a workspace from the Workspace drop-down. 
  7. Select a template from the Templates drop-down (i.e. the template name you entered in Step 4 of the previous stage).
  8. To edit the contract further in Oneflow, click on Save as draft (Optional).
    Your contract will then be saved under Documents in your Oneflow account. Log in to Oneflow to edit it.
  9. To proceed with creating a contract in Word or PowerPoint, click on the + Add counterparty button.
  10. Choose a counterparty type by selecting either the Company or Individual tab.
    1. Company: adds a company represented by a participant to the contract (you can add multiple participants under one company).
    2. Individual: adds a person as a participant to the contract.
  11. Fill in the mandatory fields marked as required.
    Mandatory fields are determined based on the selected Oneflow template
  12. Select a role for the participant. 
    1. Signatory: can sign the contract.
    2. Influencer: can edit the contract. 
    3. Viewer: can view and comment on the contract.
  13. Click on the Add counterparty button to add the participant to the contract.
  14. Repeat steps 9 through 13 for each additional participant you wish to add.
    To edit the counterparty details of a participant you have already added, click on the three dots icon next to the participant, then select Edit.
  15. Click on Send to send the contract to the participants as an email.
  16. Enter a Subject and a Message for the email.
  17. Click on Send.

Contract Status

To view and manage each contract created or sent, click on the Contract status icon. This page contains the status of the contracts you have created.

  • Once you have created a contract from a document, you will be redirected to this page the next time you load the add-in.

View contract in Oneflow

  • To view a contract in Oneflow, click on the three dots on the contract card, then click View.

Delete a contract

  • To delete a contract, click on the three dots on the contract card, then click Delete.

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