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Getting started with Jobylon

Here's a guide explaining how to activate the integration between Oneflow and Jobylon.

Special notes:

  • You must have an account in Oneflow and Jobylon with the same email.
  • Only workspaces with at least one active Jobylon template are displayed.
  • While creating a contract in Jobylon, ensure that the candidate's phone number field is filled in and has a valid value.

Enable the Jobylon extension in Oneflow

To enable the Jobylon integration:

  1. Login to Oneflow as an administrator, go to Admin >Extensions > then click on the Jobylon extension.
  2. Enable the extension by clicking the toggle.
  3. You will see the API token that you must send to Jobylon support They will update it in their system and activate your integration.

Create a contract template

Now, create a template in Oneflow that you will use for creating contracts in Jobylon:

  1. Go to Templates and click Create template.
  2. Specify the template group as Jobylon Template, and click Save.
  3. Enable the template in the template list.

Data field in template

You can also add data fields for the information that should be automatically pushed over from Jobylon to your Oneflow contract.

  1. Add content > Click the pen icon in a form field > Data field, select a data field, and Save.
    A link symbol will mark the field connected to a data field
  2. You can, of course, also add a data field to the scrolling text. To do so, highlight the text you wish to connect and click the data field icon in the editor. Choose the appropriate data field and Confirm.

Once the Jobylon team activates the integration, you can start creating contracts! 

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